Monday, November 16, 2009


I keep reminding myself to breathe.
I feel like life is moving really really fast lately.
I don't mean that in a negative or positive way, it's just how I feel...

Is anyone else feeling this way?
Or am I just odd?


  1. Maybe these are just really fast times. Everything is expected to happen almost instantly and we have to move from one thing to the next so quickly. I blame technology...

    If you're odd, then that makes two of us.

  2. My mum once said, as soon as you turn 18, life flys by much to quickly.. I think she is right and I don't like it!

  3. Not odd at all. I can't believe school is going by so fast. That is a good thing because less drama in a way. :]

  4. Me too. I can't keep up with my own plans. I'm trying to plan it all in some sort of sequence - but it's still impossible to keep up.


    Do you hate it too?
    "If you're going through Hell, keep going."