Tuesday, March 30, 2010

job interviews and sore feet.

My feet ache.
I had 2 job interviews today, so I wore some cute, nice looking black flats, and my feet are killing me.

Oh well, I guess if I get a job, it's worth it.
One interview was at Old Navy and the other was at a store called Buckle.
I'd rather work at Buckle, but the interview was so short, that I am pretty sure they aren't gonna hire me, and thats why they didn't really take a lot of time to talk to me. I have another interview with Old Navy tomorrow, I think I'll be doing some floor-work, not really super nervous about that, it should go ok.

It was like 80 degrees outside in Colorado today.
So so pretty!
I love spring. :D

Tell me about your day?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Many Apologies.

I have been a terrible blogger.
I just sort of left without notice didn't I?
I have been crazy busy, with school, looking for a job, and taking care of my grandma, she just got out of the hospital, but I could of found a minute to at least say hey, and I haven't so I am very sorry dear friends.

I don't know how often I will be blogging from now on, but I will try to get better at it, I promise.

Life has been one big crazy mess lately, in a way, I don't mind, I like being productive, and feeling accomplished, but tonight, I was lazy. I finished my day with some tea and a good book, and a little facebook stalking. :p

I guess it's not really stalking though, since facebook displays EVERYTHING.
I'm not a creep, I promise.

I think that's it for tonight though. :)