Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year!

It is almost 2010.
Yikes! Anyone else feel like 2009 went by really fast?

Well, tomorrow should be pretty fantastic.

-Coffee with friends I haven't seen in months.
-Party, with different friends.
-Then picking up my honey, and it's possible that I have something cute planned. :)

Any new year's resolutions?


P.S.- Before I forget, I give 2 thumbs up to The Princess and the Frog.
It's a super cute movie. Go see it. You will never be to old to enjoy a Disney Movie. :)


  1. I love Disney movies :) I thought i was the only one. Lol. Have a lovely day, and you'll have to tell us about this "something cute" you have planned with Kevin.

  2. EVERY YEAR seems to fly by. I'll see the Chipmunks 'squeaquel' this weekend, the maybe The Princess and the Frog the next (on your recommendation)

    Have a happy new year!