Monday, April 19, 2010


Still NO job. It really, well, it really sucks.
I need $$$$.
Is anyone else having this problem?
Please tell me I'm not in this alone...

On a positive note, I have been working out lately, and I'm really enjoying it!
Well, during it I kinda feel awful, but after I feel great, and it's so worth it.
Any work out tips?

Thanks everyone. :)


  1. A work out tip? Tie your shoes before jogging. ;).

  2. I think waiting for interviews and doing the whole interview thing takes way too long. Just go door-to-door and ask if they've got any employment opportunities. It takes time, and you'll get like, fifty rejections before you find one, but I find that it gives you better odds because you're covering a greater number of stores. Good luck with it!

    As for working out tips, eat at the write times. You want to be full when before you exercise, but not too full. You also don't want to eat too much immediately after exercise, but then again, not too long after you exercise. Nutrition will break ya or make ya. :)