Friday, June 11, 2010


So, Kevin and I are living together now.
I'm so excited about this chapter of my life.
We are living in my momma's basement right now, we are broke, but, we are together, and things will get better. Plus, we are only 19, so it's not horrible.

My grandma will be moving in soon, in a couple months. She has been having lots of issues living on her own, and it's the best decision. I'll be taking care of her and I'll be in school, so finding a job isn't high on my priority list right now, but I would really like a daycare/nanny job.

I've changed directions with college too, I've decided I'd rather be a teacher than a writer. I'm starting over, going to enroll at American Public University this fall so I can be online, and home to take care of my grandma. I'll get my associates in Early Childhood Development/Education, and then transferring to Metro to get my bachelors, and do student teaching.

Kevin is starting at RMCAD in the fall, so proud of my honey. He'll be doing lots of amazing graphic stuff, and it'll be nice for him to learn more, and he'll be doing something he loves.

Other then that, nothing new really. I feel like I'm busy all the time, and the stress gets to me, but everyone goes through that.

I'll talk with you all soon, I hope all is going well!


  1. I'm living with my fiance now too... With his mom... And we're broke... I'm 19... Lol. We sound a lot alike, don't we?

  2. We do!! haha how long have you two been living together?