Thursday, September 24, 2009


Why are books for college so expensive?

I haven't even started school yet, i don't start till january, and already it's taking all my money and time!!!

BUT I am super excited about it. :)

I just wish it didnt cost so much moneyyyyy.


  1. It will all be worth it! I don't understand how you have to put so much money down before you even get everything... its sort of chaotic... but it is the world we live in!

  2. Eek!
    Eek for the money.
    Yay for college/growing up!


  3. Books are a paaaain, but once you start trading them in you'll see some of that money back.
    A lot of people go on used books sites too, you can shave off a couple hundred dollars every term.

    GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE! First semester's kind of scary, but after that it's a blast

    Love your blog, following