Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Manos Al Aire

I am get increasingly frustrated with my 15 year old brother.
He is selfish, rude, annoying, and really just terrible.
He expects everyone to do everything for him, and it's driving me crazy!!!

Do you have this problem?

It makes me wonder if I was like that when I was 15, or if this is just a boy thing...
I don't know.
Maybe I was just as annoying and selfish, and maybe he is just going through something.

On a different note,
my new favorite song is Manos Al Aire by Nelly Furtado.
Also, I sorta want to dye my hair, which is bad because I told everyone and myself that I was done with that.
And I want to get my ears pierced again, and i really really want to watch The Notebook sometime soon.

Well, a very very good friend is calling me to tell me about his college experience so far, so I think i'm gonna take it.

I think I will write about my friends tomorrow, the close ones anyways.

Till then. :)

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