Sunday, September 20, 2009

things i love

-driving at night
-singing in my car
-listening to kevin breathe when he's sleeping
-my new computer
-books and reading
-chai tea
-harry potter
-new shoes
-lady gaga
-my car
-american eagle
-my grandma's cooking
-the colors blue and green
-inside jokes with my best friend
-disney movies
-my family
-my tattoos
-drives to the mountains
-trips to the zoo

annnd much much more really.
i'm going on an adventure with my friend melissa today.
So so so excited!
We are going to the mountains to see some elk.

Have a fantastic sunday everyone. :)


  1. "Listening to kevin breathe when hes sleeping" Awwwww! That's just too cute!

  2. i always love lists like this, its the simple things in life :)

  3. oh this was fun! its always nice to get to know bloggers just a bit more! great list! I love books, starbucks, chai tea, dogs, and laughter too! have a great Monday! :)