Saturday, September 11, 2010


I feel like I need to catch up on this trend, so, I think I will start it with letters to boys I've dated, and move on from there. :)

Dear Mikkel,
I remember when we first met, I hated you, ok, no I didn't hate you, you just bothered me. You were cocky, and you had reason to be, everything you did, you were great at. You were smart, good looking, artistic, athletic, everything.
Lauren liked you at the time, she adored you, and I couldn't understand why, I thought you were the most annoying boy I had ever met, but she talked about you all the time.
We went to the movies, you, me, Cortney and Lauren. That was the first time we hung out together, we talked a little, but not a lot, you hugged me when I left.
Lauren spent the night at my house and she was talking to you on AIM. I'll never forget what you sent her,

"Hey Lo, your friend Amanda is pretty, she seems pretty cool too, we should hangout with her more, I can tell we are gonna be good friends she and I."

Lauren was angry, and hurt, as any girl would be, I didn't know what to say, so I never said anything.
I didn't see or talk to you for another couple months, and we both did our own thing, but Lauren got a new boy, and somehow, once again you and I ended up in a group together, at a movie.

This time, my opinion of you had changed, you were still full of yourself, but deep down, you were a good kid, I could tell. We talked a lot during the movie, in fact, we left and got ice cream. You drove me home, and we sat in your truck, and held hands. I finally went inside, knowing something had started that I had no intention of stopping.

We never were official, but we were always together, you weren't one for commitment, but I knew you weren't with anyone else.
A few months went by, summer became fall and I came home one day and you were sitting on my porch, and in song, you asked me to homecoming, me the nobody, and you Mikkel, the boy everybody loved. Of course I said yes.

You were 16, and I was 15, I know neither of us expected it to last, and it didn't.
The night at the dance, you told me you loved me. I couldn't say it back, I couldn't. You looked at me, and I had never seen you so hurt. We didn't get in a fight, but things died down between us, and they never really picked up romantically
again, even though we tried a couple more times to make it work out.

Now-a-days, you are one of my best friends. New York is too far, but I'm so glad to see you enjoying school and loving life. I miss you tons, but I'm so happy you are in my life. We have a great relationship, we just aren't supposed to be together, and I know you know that too. I love my Kevin, and you love being single haha, and thats fine. I want you to know how much I do appreciate you, and I want to thank you Mikkel, for being the first boy to tell me they loved me, even if you didn't mean it. I know I didn't say it back, but to me, even having someone saying that, was a huge stepping-stone in my life.

Continue being the amazing person you are, and I know you will be un-stoppable.

Your Friend,

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