Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicken Teriyaki.

Ok, I said I would talk about my tattoos today.

I'll start with the one on the back of my shoulder.
When I was about seven, my best friend was a boy named Trey, we later made friends with a kid named Todd. At 16 Todd was diagnosed with brain cancer, he got really sick, and decided he would rather take his own life then let the cancer kill him.
Orange was his favorite color so Trey and I took orange lily's to his funeral, and that is the same flower we take every time we see him, so that is why I have it on my shoulder.

The sea-horse on my foot is the sister I never really got to have, I was two when my mom had her, but she didn't even live for a day. Her nursery was done in under-water stuff and I had bought her a little sea-horse toy for her bed, which I still have.

Anyways, those are my reasons.
I have to go make din-din for the family now.

Chicken Teriyaki.


  1. I think it's lovely that you shared. :).

    And you said you didn't have to make dinner, lol.

  2. Those are such sad stories. I'm sorry for your losses, it's horrible to lose people who were (or would have been) so close.

  3. I think its great your tattoos are represent significance, I really think it is the only way to truly appreciate your tattoos :)