Friday, October 16, 2009


Let's not be bitter.

Let's not give our past the power to predict our future.

Let us not live in defeat. Let us not be conquered.

Let contentment manifest itself in our hearts. Let it be the spike in our pulse. Let the splendor within us BURST. Let it explode. Let it show itself in the world around us.

Don't be tired, don't be distraught. Don't think to yourself, "Oh, I knew this would happen." You were just scared it would. Don't be weary. Don't be upset. It's LIFE! In a few weeks it will all be different and you'll wonder why you let this keep you up that night.

We want to know everything. We want to know the outcomes. We want to know the consequences. We want to know what is and why it is.

Don't look down on yourself for being curious. Don't deem yourself unworthy of love. Don't overcome yourself. Don't let the splendor go out.

Expect the best! Be relieved in this.

If you cry, don't cry for yourself. You really havn't missed anything special.

And if you cry, cry for someone else. Listen...and it will hit you harder than your own problems.

Don't expect someone else to catch you! To save you! To repair your insides. Don't expect them to needle-and-thread thier way into your heart.

If they're right, your heart won't be hurt. And you'll be patient.

And if you scream. SCREAM. Don't whine. Don't weep. Scream and make sure that the airplanes can hear you.

Try not to be angry. Try not to take things personally.

If they ignore you, it isn't you. If they leave you, it's not you. If they decide not to waste thier time, it wasn't meant to be wasted on you.

Try not to let your heart fall into the pit of your stomache. Try not to let your rib cage weaken. Try not to base your breathing on theirs.

It's beatiful, but a tremendous disaster at the same time.

Believe the best, and you will be relieved.

Take pleasure in being numb, it's better than half of the emotions out there.

So, what are YOU going to do now?!





Be yourself at your best at all times.

Don't let anyone bring you down, no matter how above they seem.

We're all at the same level.

And girl, believe me. You have people on your side. More than you think. People that see past your exterior, and believe in your heart. People that will stand up for you when your knees give in. People that will stick up for you when things just aren't working.


I might have just written this to myself.

Or a mixture of people..