Friday, August 28, 2009

Anywhere you go, let me go too.

I rented the Phantom Of The Opera from blockbuster yesterday. I've since watched it twice. It's romantic, and scary, and sexy, and well, sad. I put up a video of my favorite scene so you can all enjoy it as well.

It's one of my favorite movies, but, each time I watch it, I always change my mind on which guy I want to win to girl over.

I won't talk about that anymore though, because if you don't know the story, you probably have no idea what I am talking about.

My dad is getting married tomorrow. I'm excited, not for the wedding, but it'll be the first time I get to dance with my honey.

Wanna know something? I still get butterflies in my tummy when I think about him. :)
He is my best-friend, my boyfriend, my secret-keeper, my laughter, my heart-beat, and my lover.
I always knew our friendship had the potential to be something more than it was, but I didn't know I would fall for him this hard, but I'm not complaining. I am in love, 110%.

My day was really very good. Spent some quality time with my grandma, and my momma. Had a nice, normal, intelligent conversation with my little brother.
Bought some jeans.
Saw an old friend while I was driving, he followed me, and we went to Dairy Queen, talked about the old days of school at Little Elementary, and about people we used to know, and how he had been since his mother passed. We talked about his girlfriend, and how she could be pregnant, and how he was living in his grandparents basement now, because he can't stand his dad. He just laughed and said something like, "Yeah, I just never saw any of this coming, we are all grown up now aren't we Amanda?" I said yeah Gary, I guess so. He hugged me goodbye and said we should both make more of an effort to keep in touch, I nodded in agreement, and then we went our different ways.

I don't know if that will happen, we may never talk again. We may never see each other again, but it reminded me of how blessed I am really. He had an amazing attitude going though, even though things have been really shitty for him lately, he was still optimistic, and full of faith.

I heard only good songs on the radio, and even found 5 dollars I didn't know I had in my pocket.

On a different note,
I am very, very, seriously considering taking a bar-tending course soon. We will see, I think it could be sort of exciting though. It's not something I see myself doing forever, but for a little while anyways.

To end my night, I think I'll read, do some laundry, and then spend time with my honey of course. :)

So, that is it for tonight everybody, we can chit-chat some more tomorrow.


  1. Woo! Go Phantom!! ;p

  2. Omg that's totally my favorite part of the movie too! And i can never decide which guy i want to get the girl either... i want them both to. Lol. How that will work, i have no idea.

    Awww. You and your hunny are just too adorable!

  3. O. I haven't watched that movie for a good amount of time. :P

  4. hey thanx for following my blog!