Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My house is quiet, except for the ceiling fan which makes sort of a ticking sound.
Today was exceptionally good. My Honey, and I took a little boy who lives on my street to the Butterfly Pavilion. It's the place to be if you are a two year old boy. It doesn't just have butterflies, it has lots of gross bugs, and even a under-the-sea section.

I sort of have a unique situation with this boy, I was 2 when I moved in to the house I live in now, At the time, Travis was 12, his birthday is 3 days after mine so we are almost exactly 10 years apart. He lived/lives in the house next to me. I adored him and he even built a go-kart thing and put a baby seat on it for me. Years later, Travis moved back to the house, with his own wife and baby, so Aiden, his son comes over to see me all the time now, just like I used to go see Travis. Aiden and I share a birthday. He really is the cutest thing. See?!?! :D

I'm listening to the newest Kelly Clarkson cd right now. Amazing. Definitely worth the 11 dollars I spent on it at Target. In particular I'm listening to the song called Ready. I think I relate to it most right now.

I think I want the newest Beyonce album as well, but we will see, a good bunch of songs I've heard off of it remind me of my honey, which is definitely a good thing.

My dad is getting married this weekend, I know I should be happy for him, because he does deserve to be happy, but it's really really weird for me, and it all happened so fast, one day divorce, a month later living with his girlfriend, a year later, he's already getting married? After 20 years of marriage to my mom? I know It shouldn't bother me, but something about it just feels...icky to me, and I can't get past it.

Plans for later, reading, walking my dogs, filling out a job app., hanging out with a friend....hopefully getting some Chipolte, (nothing sounds better than that right now) and spending time with Kev-Kev.

I realize that I am sorta jumping all over the place with what I'm writing, you just have to try and understand that it's how my brain works.

I think my mind has run out of words to say though, so that is it for today. I'm going to go spend some quality time with my dogs, and the lake, and the outside air.


  1. Wow, he is a cutie!
    I like Kelly Clarkson to a reasonable extent. I really like the song "Break Away" but I think everyone did.

    I'm sorry about your Dad. It's perfectly understandable why it's icky. Because it's not right. Things like that aren't supposed to happen. And it's really sad when they do. I'll pray for you.


  2. I could have sworn that you said that you weren't gonna blog anymore. ;p

  3. The dad situation is a weird one, but I can certainly relate... which is why I am commenting that it's weird. My parents - married 20 years - divorced for 2 now... he told my mother he never loved her, and moved to PA to be with his girlfriend. I had just gotten engaged... he wanted to marry her, we fought on the subject but in the end he has waited to wed. I dont know what will happen when the time comes... but I am understanding of the situation and hope that the struggles inside work themselves out. Sorry for writing the book, lol.

  4. I liked :-
    The kid,
    And yeah your writing.....

    Have a nice tym out...


  5. Thats so cute he put a baby seat in it haha