Sunday, August 30, 2009


I learned something today.

I am actually half-way decent at doing nails, in particular, french manicures.

I also drove by a sandwich place called Witch-Wich...
It made me laugh.

My honey is coming over tonight. :)
I'm excited.

And I think in the morning I may make us pan-cakes.
We will see.

I need to find an awesome new band to listen to.
My ears are craving something new.
Suggestions anyone?
I listen to pretty much everything, as long as I can tap my feet to it, or sing-a-long.

My cat is laying on my feet, she is asleep, and snoring.
I almost just want to sit here until she wakes up, she is just so cute, I don't want to move her.

I'm really just babbling tonight.
Want to know something random about me?
Maybe you don't, but I'll tell you anyways.

I have 2 tattoos.
A orange lilly on the back of my left shoulder, and a black sea-horse on my foot.
Both mean a lot to me. I think I will explain why tomorrow though, it's time to see my honey. :)


  1. Taking back sunday, there a cool band ;)

    Nice post, its cute.

    Cathy xD

  2. Haha. Witch-Wich. I like it.

    Ever heard of Secondhand Serenade? They are the most amazing band ever--at least i think so. Give 'em a listen.

    I'm jealous; i want tattoos.

  3. I want to get a tattoo! It always changes what I want to get, but lately I've been thinking the words "Live High," it's a Jason Mraz song I really like. I'll have to wait til I move out for that parents would freak!

    Try Micheal Franti and Spearhead (that's one band) or Augustana, Ryan Star, Eric Hutchinson or the Graham Colton Band. They are all very different sounds...I figured out of the music I listen to those would probably be the ones you didn't know.

    I think your blog is absolutely adorable. Keep writing! =]