Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love chai tea.
It's calming, and fantastic, I don't even mind when it burns my tongue, it's worth it.

And it makes me wish fall was here because it just seems like a fall drink, like something you should be drinking while you are wearing a sweater, sitting on your porch with a book, watching the leaves fall off the branches of your favorite tree. Thats what I think anyways.

Ted Kennedy died early this morning I think, or late last night.
My grandma cried. It sorta makes me wonder if when i'm older, if there will be someone of a huge importance, in the publics eye, will pass-away, and if it'll make me cry...
I guess I just wonder if I could ever feel such a connection like that to someone I don't really know.
Hmmm. I think about weird things.

I made a necklace today, it's pretty neat actually.
It kinda reminds me of Pocahontas, maybe i'll put a picture of it up tomorrow.
Someone remind me though, or I'll forget.

Well, I don't have much to say for now. I'm gonna search the web for some cat-eye frames.
New glasses soon hopefully.

Then i'll be on my way to my honey's house.
Have a lovely day or night.


  1. I love the 2nd part about fall.

    You're creative babe, whether you admit it or not. :)

  2. Pocahontas neclace... Wow!!
    I am waiting for its pic :)